alto clef V iola
I nstitute
O f
L os
A ngeles
Lessons and Services for *ALL* Violists:
Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

1234 Main Street / City, USA 12345 / (123) VIOLIST

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Classic Web Viola Page
The Viola Website
Allen Lee's Viola Website Contains Links to:
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    List of Chris Betram, Birmingham Phil
    Viola History
    Links to Websites of Violists
    Links to Websites of Viola Teachers
    List of Famous People Who Played the Viola
    Pam Goldsmith's Website
    Carl Rahkonen (violist, librarian)
    Composers Who Played The Viola (by Jeffrey Sward)
    Add: Rebecca Clarke, Otto Joachim, Marin Marais (viola da gamba), Oedoen Partos, Gustaf Allan Pettersson, Tibor Serly, Hans Sitt
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    Research about Viola Jokes:
    No Laughing Matter: The Viola Joke as Musician's Folklore
    Carl Rahkonen peresented this paper at the National Meeting of
    The American Folklore Society and the Society for Ethnomusicology
    in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 21, 1994.

    Jeff Bigler, MIT -- Part 1
    Jeff Bigler, MIT -- Part 2
    Jeff Bigler, MIT -- Part 3
    OXymoron Humour Archive, UK
    Aha! Viola Jokes
    Entrance Exam For Viola Players
    Spences Music Jokes
    Jocelyn, UK
    Dwight Thomas, Omaha Symphony
    Laugh Net

    Viola Bow Fitness Craze
    (The only exercise program that strengthens muscles, builds endurance,
    and teaches ear training all at the same time.

    Pete Levin, Brubeck Brothers Quartet
    Pete Levin's Categories:
  • Q&A
  • Stop Me If You've Heard This One
  • Viola Players' Golden Rules (from the Rennaissance)
  • Mozart's "The Magic Viola"
  • Violists Wall of Fame (ex: Fay King)
  • Viola Anagrams
  • Classifieds
    Ira Norman Segall
    (This is the "Astonishing Trove of Viola Jokes'' that Alex Beam mentioned in his Boston Globe column on Wednesday, November 30, 1994, page 65, and that John Hayward-Warburton mentioned in his article in BBC Music.)

    Dead Links - Victims of Political Correctness?
    Richard Rensman, Netherlands
    Rainer Typke, Germany
    Music Lit Quiz for Violists
    Justin Wong, Australia
    Classic CD Online, UK
    Roummel Marcia, UC San Diego
    Didcots Girls School Music Dept., UK

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