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Photography by Jeffrey Sward. -- His expertise,
enthusiasm, and support made this a great day!

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California Speedway 08-13-2000
calspeed.jpg b22garag.jpg
Hallowed garage area
Richard Petty Driving Experience
Whew! Made it!
a08aj43.jpg a11ajin2.jpg
Climbing in ==>
a12ajin3.jpg a13ajin4.jpg a14ajin5.jpg a17cush.jpg
Note black seat cushion
Following pace car out
a20exit2.jpg a21exit3.jpg b07cal34.jpg
My favorite picture -- cool wall
b09car34.jpg b08car34.jpg
Hit my white mark!
b11car34.jpg b12car34.jpg b13car34.jpg b15car34.jpg b16car34.jpg b18car34.jpg

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