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Barrow is a mystical, magical place. Unlike built-up Anchorage, Barrow is the real Alaska. I liked this quote by Susan Froetschel, "Moving to Anchorage is like running away from civilization to the most distant corner of the free world only to find you've landed in Kenosha, Wisconsin."
There is no danger of that in Barrow. Barrow is a siren. Once you have heard her call, this sorceress will inhabit your soul.

  Andrea's slide show is still being selected and edited.
Until then, below are links to excellent narratives and pictures.

  Suggestions for Photography at Temperatures Below Zero.
Excellent reading for even amateur photographers. Also covers sub-zero basics such as clothing and frostbite. Written in Jeff's inimitable style.
  Three Tribute Pages to Barrow, Alaska:
Barrow  essay of facts and feelings about this tantalizing place.
Pepe's  North of the Border Restaurant (with photos)
King Eider Inn  (with photos)
  Barrow Photo Gallery.
Superb fine art photography by Jeff.

  Non-Sward Sites:
  King Eider Inn.This is where we stayed, and we highly recommend it!
    On the website, click their   BARROW INFORMATION   button for local pictures and links to some fascinating reading.
  North Of The Border. Barrow's finest Mexican restaurant, owned by the indomitable Fran Tate.   Read all about it in Tacos On The Tundra by Lyn Kidder.
  Dick Hutchinson of Arctic Circle, AK.
The dean of aurora photography.
Superb aurora pictures and article on how to shoot the northern lights.
  Christopher S. Teren of Washington State.
Visited Barrow in 2000 and took the same pictures I did, only better!
  Kuan Sng of San Diego.
Photoroaming travel article describing a day in Barrow.
  Weather Underground.
The Barrow, AK page gives the weather report and has a link to a gallery of Barrow photographs.
  John Falk.
Photographs of "the top of the world" by Barrow resident.
  UConn Arctic Circle
Links to articles on Inupiat of Northern Alaska.
See their main page for mother lode of all things Arctic.

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