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Countdown for Tron [TRX]’s Mainnet Launch begins


Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron has begun the countdown for Tron’s Mainnet launch which is scheduled on 31st May. After the successful Testnet launch, the team is ready for the most awaited Mainnet launch.

Justin recently tweeted:

“Tron Main Net Launch Countdown: 31 days, 744 hours, 44,640 minutes, 2,678,400 seconds!”

Tron [TRX] has been rocketing with its market cap and price in accordance with the upcoming super representative elections and the Mainnet launch. The entire market has linked credits for TRX’s success to the Mainnet launch majorly. TRX had entered into the top 10 list taking up the 9th spot yesterday before coming down again. Within a few hours, TRX went up again to retain its lost spot and has managed to stand stable at 9th position as seen at the time of writing this article. The market cap has also dipped noticeably from $6.1 billion to $5.91 billion when compared to the value earlier today.

The Mainnet comes along with the migration of ERC20 token which is scheduled to 21st June. After this successful migration, Tron will be a potential Ethereum competitor, as mentioned by Justin Sun.

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Brian Amoah