“There is nothing permanent except change”

- Heraclitus

Chicago Crypto Capital is an advisory firm based in the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. Starting as a crypto mining company in 2017, CCC has since expanded into research, trading, cybersecurity, consulting and early stage investing. Our mission is to become a leading firm in the digital currency space; from identifying and promoting promising projects, to helping our clients navigate the ever changing digital technological, regulatory and security landscape.

We believe that blockchain and crypto currency will be at the forefront of a digital revolution, the foundation of a future where information is transferred, safer, quicker and more secure. Our experience in financial markets, knowledge of the crypto space and unique approach to blockchain investing distinguishes us from other firms. We do not treat the crypto markets as short term trading opportunities; our approach focuses on cryptocurrency ecosystem investment and long term growth. The waters of change can be turbulent, Chicago Crypto Capital looks to be a stable hand at helm of the ship.